Who is a PPI Claims Helper?

There are many reasons as to why the bank or financial institution can reject your policy claim and devoid you from receiving the refund and compensation benefits. There are also several different ways in which one can apply for the insurance claim, however, it is often seen that this has become quite a daunting task. In many situations, despite the tedious efforts, claims are often left unheard and unattended also leading to rejections. In all these cases, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional PPI claims helper who is an expert in handling situations of all cases like these.

Find out if you can claim

There have been many situations where claims have mostly been rejected and debtors who are left with nothing but desperation reach out to these PPI claims helper for professional help. When a claim is filed, there are many complexities that are created automatically.

It might be that the insurance company rejects the claim that was believed as a justified claim by the borrower. In such cases, they point to the exclusion clauses mentioned in small prints to prove the rejection.

It might also happen that the Payment protection insurance policy was added to your account without your knowledge. This is generally victimizing the consumer by selling a policy that might not even suit the buyer requirements.

Three Steps to PPI Claims

Internet is a pool of resources and the largest library on the planet. There are many ways by which one claims these policies by grabbing information from the internet; however, it is always advisable to follow certain steps in order to achieve your PPI Claims objective.

PPI Claims Made Possible in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Address a letter to the financial lender stating that the claim was mis sold. This is the most important task and you might want to choose from the following reasons if you are unsure about the reason why you own the policy –
  • Unchecked employment history
  • Unchecked medical history
  • Mandatory stating policy
  • No information to the customer about addition of policy to the product taken, this includes a loan, credit card, mortgage or any product

  1. The instant reply that you would receive from the bank for PPI Claims is rejection due to several different reasons. However, you should avoid panicking and make sure that you do not accept the bank rejection to your claim. All you need to do is write to the bank again stating that the policy was mis sold to you and that you want the amount to be refunded within fourteen days.

  1. By the above step, you might want find things working your way, however, if need be, look up to a Financial Ombudsman. You might also want to seek help from a specialist solicitor if required. There are various ways by which you can find the best one who would be of help to you. Again, internet is the best source to all the information and contact details you need. Find out if you can claim for PPI here.

By going through the above simple and easy steps, one can get the PPI claims process running quite effortlessly.