What Intelligent Buyers are Looking For

Customers are being more intelligent nowadays. Businesses might try to implement aggressive marketing tactics to push their products, but they cannot expect that the public will just buy what they are offering. Instead, buyers are more discerning and they look for different things to determine if they will be able to enjoy value for money.

Safe and Nontoxic Ingredients

By being smarter, customers now take more time looking at the list of the ingredients of the products that they purchase, and they do their research to make sure that the contents will not harm them in any way. For instance, organic skin care products are being more popular these days because they do not contain harsh chemicals that can deliver adverse effects.

Intelligent Buyers

Eco-Friendly Products

Many buyers also tend to favor products that are manufactured in a manner that is eco-friendly. They buy products that are not tested on animals or those that are labeled as cruelty-free. When it comes to packaging, there is a growing trend towards using materials that are biodegradable and recyclable. Certified vegan products are also making a buzz in the global marketplace.

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Global Certifications

To help in their marketing efforts, companies also seek global certifications and recognitions. It helps them to convince their customers that their products are excellent. One example of this certification is ECOCERT Cosmos Cosmetics Standard, which is awarded to products that are certified organic and natural.  The Certified Vegan seal, on the other hand, is a trademarked logo seen on products that do not contain animal products or by-products.

Guarantee of Satisfaction

Whether it’s skincare product, kitchen appliance, or a gardening equipment, among others, intelligent buyers prefer those that come with a guarantee of satisfaction, such as a money-back guarantee. A good return policy will increase customer satisfaction. They will be more confident to make a purchase because of the absence of risks.

Online Shop

We are living in a fast-paced world, and hence, not everyone has the time to shop in an actual store. While brick and mortars are still dominating the market, online shops are slowly overtaking. It’s estimated that 8.8% of total retail spending in 2018 will come from e-commerce, which shows that more and more people prefer online shopping.


Most importantly, intelligent buyers are looking for feedbacks from other users, most of which are available in the form of product reviews. They are looking for validation that a product will indeed give the best bang for the buck. Real-life experiences from past customers are essential in convincing customers to make a purchase decision.

In sum, intelligent buyers are looking for products that can deliver the best value for their money, while also being sure that these products are made using safe ingredients and manufactured in a manner that does not harm the environment in any way. Buyers read reviews, seek a guarantee of their satisfaction, and favor stores with online shops.