Life History of Naval Pirojsha Godrej

Godrej group! Well, it is a household name, but let us analyze the brains behind it. Naoroji or naval pirojsha Godrej born on 3rd December 1916 was the brainchild behind this. It stressed on the concept of industrial self-reliance and strongly believed in “Made in India philosophy.” This was long before this phrase became music to our ears. He was a mechanical genius and a self-taught man. It was his close affinity to machines that led to the formation of the Godrej tool room and contributed to the name Godrej being an integral part of our life.

Life History of Naval Pirojsha Godrej

About the Godrej group

The Godrej group happens to be a Parsi family of India and the co – founders are Ardeshir Godrej along with his brother Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej in the year 1997 and their operations tend to span various sectors like consumer durables, real estate, furniture along with agricultural products. In fact, the family is considered to be one the of the richest in the country with a net worth of $ 11.6 billion in the year 2014.

Early life, personality, and achievements

This is credited with turning the Godrej group into an industrial powerhouse and to all who knew him, he went on to achieve a lot of accolades which was not even known to his peers. Indeed, he was a man of distinction, but he kept things private to himself. His only philosophy in life was to work and to do good work. He never was greedy for the limelight and was never part of any personal interview and let his brother do all the media interactions. For his committed efforts and dedication to the nation, he was conferred the Padma Bhushan in the year 1976.

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Though he never had any formal education, his mind was inquisitive and he had a flair for machines. His sense of observation was immaculate and hardly he would be seen on his desk and was always seen in the company of machines. When he began to shoulder arms with his factory workers, he picked up the kitty gritty of manufacturing along with engineering and in the process also went on to earn the respect of his team members as well.

He was simple in demeanor and attire and was a true Gandhian at heart. He was known to be polite, humble and extremely approachable. His true sense of charity and charisma went on to develop relationships with people from various walks of life.

A book on Naval Pirojsha Godrej

Final victory- the life and death of Naval Pirojsha Godrej are dedicated to the great man. In this book, it goes on describes that on the fatal night of 8th January in the year 1979, he was stabbed to death along with his mother in law and daughter in law. This deadly attack was orchestrated by a trade union leader from Mumbai, lead to a public rage among the public along with the trade circles.

This book is full of his ante codes and an illustration of his extraordinary life and it claims the fact that he is one of the pioneers of the Godrej group.