Have a Master Data File with Record Linkage Software

Though every business is different from another in many ways, the common factor they have is database. Every business needs to store data for one or another reason. The records may consist of list of clients, list of debtors, list of creditors, list of competitors, product listing, the records of insurance policy holders and many more. Every record is a set of information that offer in depth data and collection of facts.

There are possibilities that businesses may possess more than one set of records. The two or more data set may have identical records or may consist of the added information about a record. In this case it becomes essential to link all the records and have a merged data set.

Well, linking different data sets with each other is time consuming and most critical task. There are situations when the records look similar to each other or may have duplicate entries. It is really a tough time to link all the records, ignore the duplicates and have full proof merged data. The business utilizes most important time for this which may be used for some more important tasks.

Record Linkage Software

The Data Ladder has introduced the Record Linkage Software specially designed for merging the similar data sets and records and has combined one single data set. The record linking helps in sorting out the similar record in different data set. All new fields are added to the record and duplicates are ignored. This way, a business can have the across-the-board primary data set that possesses every record with every field and other important information.

How It Works?

The software recognizes the pairs of records with identical units or fields in two or more spate data files. Every record with different field is linked and a single dataset is raised. The software can be customized so that it becomes easier to link the data that differs from company to company. The records with identical field data are sorted and linked together to form a master data file with all units and fields.

Record Linkage Software helps the business to enjoy several benefits:

  • It reduces the time of searching for different information related to a single record
  • Business can refer only the master data set instead of referring several data sets
  • It helps in reduced survey burden on the business
  • It serves a good alternative to number of data sets

Record linking is the most useful step the businesses need to take in this competitive world. The best way to link the record is by using the software developed by Data Ladder. The record linkage program designed by Data Ladder serves best for every businesses. Whether you are a big concern or a small company; you will definitely get benefited by record linkage program. The program is specially designed to make customized changes as per the need of your business. Such a customized record linking software will definitely serve you with the most unique master file that holds all the records with every small information and data.