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Many of us have that hidden wordsmith within us who is waiting for an opportunity to showcase his / her literary skills. However, we are too occupied with our mundane work to either pay attention to it or we do not have a proper avenue to explore this facet of ours. This is where online portals like ‘Contentmart’ come across as a silver lining. Websites like ‘Contentmart’ provide budding and professional writers with a platform to connect with different clients, select articles based on interest and expertise and check the viability of the associated remuneration, review timelines and bid for orders.

Online Writing Jobs

Online writing jobs – A flexi work solution

Online writing jobs provide the flexibility of earning from home and choosing a schedule as per convenience. One can pursue his / her passion for writing during one’s spare time or engage in freelance writing as a full time activity.  A writer has the option to choose from hundreds of online writing jobs at the click of a button without having to go through the ordeal of doing networking, researching and building client relationships. Once a buyer selects a writer, the latter gets a confirmation stating that the order has been granted and the deadline for order completion. Post acceptance of the completed order, the writer is awarded with a rating for his / her timeline adherence and content quality. A good rating acts as a booster for attracting new clients in future and an opportunity to work with the same client again. Initial registration is free and one gets started post demonstration of their language prowess, article writing skills and creation of an attractive portfolio.

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Why Contentmart?

The user-friendly interface allows the content provider and purchaser to locate each other seamlessly. With so many writing tasks available, one has the option to choose from orders that offer competitive pay and cover a wide range of topics. The initial screening process is seamless and disputes regarding article rejections and payment, if any, are handled by the competent Support team. Uploading few sample articles online is an intelligent way to provide access to prospective buyers to your flair of writing and encouraging them to shortlist you. Writers have the convenience to connect with the buyers via ‘Contentmart’ to seek clarification on any topic, if need be. This ensures that the writer is fully aware of the content purchaser’s requirements and chances of reassignments or rejections are slim. Post order completion, a positive review from the content purchaser can increase the chance of the content writer being shortlisted for the next order much sooner than he / she expected.

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 If you have a passion for copywriting and believe that your article writing can make a difference, then ’Contentmart’ is the site for you. Join us to unleash your potential to the fullest.