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Does Brain Training Work?

Brain training is the methodology that involves various steps with an aim to augment the abilities of the brain. There are various techniques to improve the functioning of our brain such as puzzles, teasers, hand-switch, backward writing etc. The idea is to boost the creativity of human mind and let it be opened to the new horizons of analytical thinking.

There can be numerous apps and training courses online that offer first class brain training sessions. These courses are often very effective and provide subsequent exposure to the human mind to new dimensions.

However, there is a lot of hesitation and doubt among people about the success of brain training course. At MindValley Academy we often meet such people who want to get assured about the effectiveness of such courses.

Let us explain to you that why do you need to get the brain training course and what are the parameters to judge its effectiveness.

Does Brain Training Work

  1. Awareness:

While undergoing this training you realize that increased awareness causes enhanced experiences and opens the roadblocks to mental limitations. You will be able to get into the control of your reactions. Your awareness lets you to enjoy the blessings in the present without having to worry about the occurrences of past and future. Therefore, brain training is considered effective. The negative feelings of rage, anger, irritation, frustration and revenge can be sorted out with this practice.

The heightened levels of consciousness cause you to find the solutions of your problems in the present moment at a faster pace. Our mind is designed in such a way that it can even find the rationale behind unpleasant activities if it can see the different aspects of the occurring in real.

  1. Enhanced thinking:

When something starts going wrong in life, we become submissive and upset. There are different reactions of different people in various situations in life. We seek the reasons that caused us to suffer. We want answers to questions that have caused the pain to us. In reality, we need not get the answers to those questions! What is needed is to accept the different situations and above all our own self in every situation. It can be possible only through proper training and practice. Forgiveness for others is a great aspect but a conscious and aware mind has to forgive “the higher self” before others and embrace one’s own shortcomings and weaknesses in life.

Such training is imparted and results are evident at the end of the session. People experience major lifestyle changes at the end of these training courses because their own perspectives change and thus, the training outcomes appear successful.

  1. Mind mapping:

As a result of enhanced brain activity, people often report that they are ready to face a difficult situation at any time. When you see the events in the present your analytical mind power increases. It helps in mind mapping the results of future and the consequences of every activity thereby. This is one of the greatest advantages of brain training. For example you can always estimate how much funds need to be allocated in a project if you hear its presentation with full attention.

Above 3 aspects justify that brain training is an essential need of the time.

At MindValley Academy we train our students for a better and improvised brain function.