Controversy Over The Side Effects Of Talcum Powder And Related Lawsuits

Talcum is a kind of cosmetic or toilet preparation ingredient.  It consists mineral talc in a powder form with perfume base. Actually, talc is clay mineral, which is composed of hydrated magnesium silicate in a certain chemical formula. It is available in a loose format, which is hugely used as the main ingredient of baby powder or simply used as talcum powder itself. It is basically of white color and can be mixed with other chemical colors to present it exceptionally. Talc is being used in other industries too such as plastic, paper making, rubber, paint making and much more.

Talcum Powder And Related Lawsuits

Why talcum powder used?

Talcum powder commonly used as beauty products or as toilet elements is of many uses. One of the most important usages of talcum powder is to mix it with the baby powder.  Primarily looks as white substance, talcum powder actually made of silicon, magnesium, and oxygen. It is basically used as a moisture absorber and friction reducer. Talcum powder is being used to control sweating and to absorb the excess water all along. It helps to keep skin dry for a long time and prevents rashes due to moisture. This product is being applied in making of baby powder to prevent the rashes out of diaper usages. It is widely used also to prevent body odor.

Probable side effects of talcum powder

Now a day there is a big issue related to talcum powder usage. Based on different scientific research, it is being claimed that the most serious kind of side effect causes ovarian cancer from talcum powder. Women, who are mostly using the talcum powder as beauty products and to keep moisture or odor prevented, are facing the life risk. Based on the research of the international Journal of Gynecological Cancer, it is now established that frequent usage of the talcum powder around the female genital organ and the adjacent area, the risk of ovarian cancer increased from thirty to sixty percent.

Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

For many decades earlier, researchers are studying and working on the issue related to the usage of talcum powder and ovarian cancer. Scientists are working on to find the potential link between the talcum powder and ovarian cancer. Researchers are trying to collect the reasonable data which can fix the exact path to prove the matter. Talcum powder while used around the parts of the female genital organ, cancer causing elements or particles can travel to the ovaries and can embed in the ovarian tissues. It is claimed that, as the talc is based on natural mineral, it proves difficult for the body to remove the particles. The particles then can cause the inflammation of the ovarian section and as a result of that, cancerous tumors may form.

Lawsuit against talcum powder

For many years women are applying talcum powder to dust their private parts. They use talcum powder to keep private parts protected from moisture and the related burning rashes. The lawsuit against talcum powder is a burning issue at present. Talcum powder lawsuit is necessary to protect the generations after generation by creating awareness.