Business Dissertation Topic for Strategic management and International Strategic Management – 21 Topics and Ideas

  1. An assessment of local strategic management practices in the restaurant industry. Studying the case of global operation of Chain like McDonalds in different regions such as Europe, Asia Pacific, US, and Middle East & Africa.
  1. Examining the nature and origin of management strategy impacting individuals to regularly communicate using networking sites like Facebook
  1. Does strategic difference between eBay and Amazon amount to handling of physical items with accepted ownerships and virtual items without any accepted ownership?

Business Dissertation Topic for Strategic management

  1. Is adaptive thinking process a starting point towards formulation of effective management strategy for harmonious co-alignment between operating environment and the corporation?
  1. Are resources based strategies dependent on governance structure within which a company can leverage the resources owned by it?
  1. Is ability to take holistic perspective of organisation as well as its environment the basic ingredient of strategic formulation and strategic thinking?
  1. UK dissertation help to Analysis of hyper competitiveness in a contemporary business environment. Does hyper-competitiveness render defining systematic strategic instructions and directions for enterprises impossible?
  1. Analyzing and studying the consideration of stakeholder aims and objectives in strategic business process as well as how tis vary between different types of cultures.
  1. Can planned, forced or opportunistic decisions actually be considered as a strategy? Studying a merger case of Chysler and Daimler Benz.
  1. Can a firm’s strategy be reformed to the contextual external environment while at the same time remaining internally consistent? Studying the case of Sony
  1. Studying how push/pull factors gather together to stimulate Tesco and change an internationalisation strategy.
  2. Globalisation, e-business strategies and business performance. How an organization can develop a successful social media policy in international business environment?
  1. Assessing entry level strategies of foreign firms in the Indian Android Market. The case study of Samsung Smart Android Phones.
  1. Determinants of MNCs’ choice of entries and alliance formation. Studying the case of Sri Lankan experience.