4 Reasons Co-Working Spaces Develop Good Work Habits

Coworking spaces are the happy medium between an office and a community. Within the same building or compound, tenants are offered a variety of shared (e.g. common areas, recreational facilities, etc.) and exclusive spaces (e.g. meeting rooms, offices, etc.).

While it isn’t hard to understand that the right working environment can do wonders for productivity, the benefits of co-working spaces – such as those offered over at – may not be obvious at a glance. To help you make the most out of the latest innovation in professional work environments, here are four reasons why co-working spaces develop good work habits:

Co-Working Spaces

  1. You Learn to Mind Your Business

Co-working spaces are populated by professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators from various fields and backgrounds. In a co-working space, odds are that every other person you meet is passionate about a unique product or service.

The trap that many freelancers, employees, and even owners fall into is failing to see the positive and unique aspects of their trade, opting instead to fixate on the competition without turning an inward eye. This crowd of diversity can be a tool to help you learn a rare habit among professionals: to value your work and actively appreciate how it stands out from all the others.

Daily exposure to brilliant minds from within your niche and elsewhere provides regular opportunities to share stories and features of the service you provide, or the professional culture you’re used to. In externalizing them, you build the habit of constant reflection –a vital habit for anyone who wants to keep their trade from veering off the right track.

  1. You Learn to Have Fun

On the topic of human interaction, coworking spaces offer another overlooked benefit: they build the habit of decompression after a long stint at the office. We often neglect to look after our social needs, leading to decreased productivity at best and stress-related health problems at worst.

The best co-working spaces recognize the need to reinforce a positive and healthy office culture by incorporating elements of fun into their business model. Common Desk, for instance, offers a bike-share system, workout rooms, and even beer on tap at some of their locations.

These opportunities go hand in hand with the diverse crowd of co-workers to ensure that you learn to work as hard and play as hard as a future industry leader.

  1. You Learn to Focus

This point serves as a sort of caveat to the foregoing: co-working spaces are great opportunities to learn how to buckle down and focus on your work.

There’s a reason why happy hour comes once a day, at the end of the day: because all other hours will find your co-workers hard at work putting in the sweat and toil to stay on top of the competition. Before the fun and games, co-working spaces are a living case study for the best practices in focused labor, and a proving ground for your skills of willpower and time management.

If you happen to be a manager at a company based in a co-working space, the environment is sure to keep you on your toes to make sure your charges optimize their use of your surrounding facilities instead of losing hours of precious work.

  1. You Learn to Learn

Ultimately, co-working spaces are great experiences for learning from your area’s best and brightest young minds. Best practices are freely exchanged thanks to the sense of community they foster. As a freelancer, an employee, or a business, you learn to keep your eyes and ears open to the different techniques for optimizing your creativity and workflow.

Learning is the key to any successful business, and co-working spaces are the best at making every trip to work a learning experience. All this having been said, it’s no surprise that they’re being hailed as the future of professional environments.